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Stem cells and regenerative medicine

Public engagement

The research area of stem cells and regenerative medicine is moving fast and often people are interested in finding out more about the work we do. 

CRM houses a small team of dedicated public engagement and communication specialists. Together with partners such as SSERC, patient organisations, research councils and museums the team organises activities for key audiences including teachers, patients, policymakers, journalists and other interested publics.

Photo of the Public Engagement Team

We are one of Europe’s leading outreach programmes in stem cells and regenerative medicine. Our researchers and public engagement specialists have been involved in organising more than 150 events for patients and health care professionals, school visits, music and science festivals as well as CPD accredited workshops for teachers and much more.

We are currently involved in several projects including EuroStemCell.org, this is also CRM’s main online dissemination platform – any educational resources we develop will be available here.

Additionally if you want to learn more about stem cells and regenerative medicine, the history and some of the ethical issues in this field, also check out the introduction into stem cells and regenerative medicine pages.

Example projects

As part of our ‘Hope Beyond Hype’ projects, partly funded by the Scottish Government’s talking science program, we found ourselves very busy in 2013-2015. We went to many music and sports-realted festivals including ‘T in the park’, Wickerman, Greenman Festival and ice hockey world championships, Melrose 7 and the Loch Ness marathon and festival of running. We also went to remote areas for patient and local community events and provided CPD training sessions and free resources for secondary school teachers as part of Wellcome Trust funded 'Regenerate!' project.

Public engagement road to the clinic game

Stem cell face painting