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Seiberlich V, Bauer NG, Schwarz L, ffrench-Constant C, Goldbaum O, Richter-Landsberg C.  2015.  Downregulation of the microtubule associated protein Tau impairs process outgrowth and myelin basic protein mRNA transport in oligodendrocytesGlia. 63(9):1621-1635.
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Hsieh W.-C., Mackinnon A.C, Lu W.-Y., Jung J., Boulter L., Henderson N.C, Simpson K.J, Schotanus B., Wojtacha D., Bird T.G et al..  2015.  Galectin-3 regulates hepatic progenitor cell expansion during liver injuryGut. 64(2):312-321.
Forbes SJ.  2015.  Organoid cultures boost human liver cell expansionHepatology. 62(5):1635-1637.
Phillips AS, Gomes AF, Kalapothakis JMD, Gillam JE, Gasparavicius J, Gozzo FC, Kunath T, MacPhee C, Barran PE.  2015.  Conformational dynamics of α-synuclein: insights from mass spectrometryThe Analyst. 140(9):3070-3081.
Sposito T, Preza E, Mahoney CJ, Salvia úriaó-, Ryan NS, Morris HR, Arber C, Devine MJ, Houlden H, Warner TT et al..  2015.  Developmental regulation of tau splicing is disrupted in stem cell-derived neurons from frontotemporal dementia patients with the 10 + 16 splice-site mutation in MAPTHuman Molecular Genetics. 24(18):5260-5269.
Holmqvist S, Brouwer M, Djelloul M, Diaz AGarcia, Devine MJ, Hammarberg A, Fog K, Kunath T, Roybon L.  2015.  Generation of human pluripotent stem cell reporter lines for the isolation of and reporting on astrocytes generated from ventral midbrain and ventral spinal cord neural progenitorsStem Cell Research. 15(1):203-220.
Canham MA, Van Deusen A, Brison DR, De Sousa PA, Downie J, Devito L, Hewitt ZA, Ilic D, Kimber SJ, Moore HD et al..  2015.  The Molecular Karyotype of 25 Clinical-Grade Human Embryonic Stem Cell LinesScientific Reports. 5:17258.
Toledo CM, Ding Y, Hoellerbauer P, Davis RJ, Basom R, Girard EJ, Lee E, Corrin P, Hart T, Bolouri H et al..  2015.  Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 Screens Reveal Loss of Redundancy between PKMYT1 and WEE1 in Glioblastoma Stem-like Cells.Cell Rep.
Vukovic M, Guitart A, Sepulveda C, Villacreces A, O'Duibhir E, Panagopoulou TI, Ivens A, Menendez-Gonzalez J, Iglesias JManuel, Allen L et al..  2015.  Hif-1α and Hif-2α synergize to suppress AML development but are dispensable for disease maintenance.J Exp Med. 212(13):2223-34.
de la Fuente AGuzman, Errea O, van Wijngaarden P, Gonzalez GA, Kerninon C, Jarjour AA, Lewis HJ, Jones CA, Nait-Oumesmar B, Zhao C et al..  2015.  Vitamin D receptor-retinoid X receptor heterodimer signaling regulates oligodendrocyte progenitor cell differentiation.J Cell Biol. 211(5):975-85.
Chantzoura E, Skylaki S, Menendez S, Kim S-I, Johnsson A, Linnarsson S, Woltjen K, Chambers I, Kaji K.  2015.  Reprogramming Roadblocks Are System Dependent.Stem Cell Reports. 5(3):350-64.
Muir KR, Lima MJoão, Docherty HM, Mcgowan NWA, Forbes S, Heremans Y, Forbes SJ, Heimberg H, Casey J, Docherty K.  2015.  Krüppel-Like Factor 4 Overexpression Initiates a Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial Transition and Redifferentiation of Human Pancreatic Cells following Expansion in Long Term Adherent Culture.PLoS One. 10(10):e0140352.
Economou C, Tsakiridis A, Wymeersch FJ, Gordon-Keylock S, Dewhurst RE, Fisher D, Medvinsky A, Smith AJH, Wilson V.  2015.  Intrinsic factors and the embryonic environment influence the formation of extragonadal teratomas during gestation.BMC Dev Biol. 15(1):35.
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Moore JK, Mackinnon AC, Wojtacha D, Pope C, Fraser AR, Burgoyne P, Bailey L, Pass C, Atkinson A, Mcgowan NWA et al..  2015.  Phenotypic and functional characterization of macrophages with therapeutic potential generated from human cirrhotic monocytes in a cohort study.Cytotherapy.
Stutchfield BM, Antoine DJ, Mackinnon AC, Gow DJ, Bain CC, Hawley CA, Hughes M, Francis B, Wojtacha D, Man TY et al..  2015.  CSF1 Restores Innate Immunity Following Liver Injury in Mice and Serum Levels Indicate Outcomes of Patients With Acute Liver Failure.Gastroenterology.
Mistri TKumar, Devasia AGeorge, Chu LThean, Ng WPing, Halbritter F, Colby D, Martynoga B, Tomlinson SR, Chambers I, Robson P et al..  2015.  Selective influence of Sox2 on POU transcription factor binding in embryonic and neural stem cells.EMBO Rep.