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Cameron K, Tan R, Schmidt-Heck W, Campos G, Lyall  J., Wang Y, Lucendo-Villarin B, Szkolnicka D, Bates N, Kimber  J. et al..  2015.  Recombinant Laminins Drive the Differentiation and Self-Organization of hESC-Derived HepatocytesStem Cell Reports. 5(6):1250-1262.
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Filis P, Nagrath N, Fraser M, Hay DC, Iredale JP, O'Shaughnessy P, Fowler PA.  2015.  Maternal Smoking Dysregulates Protein Expression in Second Trimester Human Fetal Livers in a Sex-Specific MannerThe Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. 100(6):E861-E870.
Godoy P, Schmidt-Heck W, Natarajan K, Lucendo-Villarin B, Szkolnicka D, Asplund A, rquist Pö, Widera A, ber Rö, Campos G et al..  2015.  Gene networks and transcription factor motifs defining the differentiation of stem cells into hepatocyte-like cellsJournal of Hepatology. 63(4):934-942.