Leading science, pioneering therapies


  1. CRM Early Career Innovator 2018

    May 11

    CRM recently showcased the innovative talent of its early career researchers. 

  2. £4M bid to find therapies that prompt tissues to repair

    May 10

    Stem cell scientists, tissue engineers and clinician scientists at CRM and elsewhere are to join forces to investigate methods of promoting tissue repair in the liver, lungs and joints.

  3. Failure in male sex cell development caused by a hijacking of genetic blueprint

    May 4

    CRM scientists have identified a fundamental molecular mechanism behind the failure in maintenance of male sex cells in two strains of genetically modified mice. The paper was published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

  4. Professor Sir Ian Wilmut lends support to Parkinson's Initiative

    Apr 11

    Professor Sir Ian Wilmut – who led the team that created Dolly the sheep and was founding Director of the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine – has backed an initiative to tackle Parkinson’s disease, after being diagnosed with the condition.

  5. Potential new target for treatment of Liver Disease

    Mar 9

    CRM researchers have discovered a potential new target for the treatment of a type of liver disease that affects the bile ducts. 

  6. Immune system could be key in fight against cancer

    Feb 6

    Ageing immune systems could have a major impact on cancer risk. CRM Group Leader Clare Blackburn and colleagues at the University of Dundee have found that the immune system may play a larger role in cancer development than originally thought.

  7. 'Immortal gene' Nanog plays key role in early sex cell development

    Jan 11

    A gene which gives stem cells the ability to produce any other cell has been found to play a vital role in the development of early sex cells.

  8. Discovery speeds cell reprogramming

    Nov 27

    CRM scientists have made a key discovery that could enhance the efficiency and the speed of the conversion of cells from one type to another in the lab – so called cell reprogramming.

  9. New understanding of egg development in mammals

    Nov 21

    Two new studies published in Nature and Molecular Cell have identified roles for RNA modification in the control of egg cell development in mammals.  

  10. CRM student Sophie Quick wins prize in MRC Max Perutz Science Writing Competition

    Oct 27

    Congratulations to CRM PhD student Sophie Quick for winning one of three runner up prizes in this year’s MRC Max Perutz Science Writing competition.

  11. Building for the future of Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh

    Oct 23

    The CRM is marking the beginning of construction of the Centre of Tissue Repair. Together with the Centre of Regenerative Medicine, they will form the Institute for Regeneration and Repair.

  12. Cell-based therapies could be boosted by new antioxidant

    Sep 20

    Cell therapies being developed to treat a range of conditions could be improved by a chemical compound that aids their survival, new CRM research suggests.

  13. Blindness study shows how gene causes middle-age sight loss

    Sep 5

    Chemical changes in the eye that can lead to blindness have been identified by a team led by former CRM researcher Dr Roly Megaw.

  14. New “backup” liver repair mechanism

    Jul 12

    New study reveals cells can be reprogrammed to repair severe liver injury.

  15. An art exhibition, by CRM scientists

    Jun 9

    The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine will be a hosting a pop-up art exhibit on 22 June. Regeneration: A story of becoming, will feature original artworks created by scientists from the centre. The exhibition is a part of the Medical Research Council’s annual Festival of Medical Research.

  16. Cigarette damage to unborn children revealed in stem cell study

    May 30

    Chemicals found in cigarette smoke have been shown to damage foetal liver cells.

  17. Stem cell-derived macrophages could treat liver fibrosis

    May 24

    Macrophages derived from embryonic stem cells in the laboratory reduce tissue damage in a mouse model of chronic liver disease. 

  18. Brain tumours exploit proteins that control normal brain stem cells

    May 12

    CRM researchers have pinpointed two key molecules that drive the growth of an aggressive type of adult brain cancer.

  19. Charles ffrench-Constant elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

    May 10

    Former CRM Director and Principal Investigator, Professor Charles ffrench-Constant has been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences. 

  20. New Mechanism of Repair in the Testes Offers Hope for Fertility

    May 4

    CRM scientists have discovered a tiny group of cells that is critical to repairing damage to the testes.