Documentary 'Stem Cell Revolutions' winner at Vedere la Scienza Festival 2012

'Stem Cell Revolutions - A Vision of the Future' has been announced the winner of the Best Documentary award at Vedere la Scienza Festival 2012 - the 16th edition of the international festival of science film, video and documentary in Milan, Italy.

The film, developed by scientific producer and CRM Professor Clare Blackburn, director Amy Hardie and animator Cameron Duguid, was praised by the jury for "the relevance of the subject" and "the effectiveness and the elegance of the animations, which well illustrate complex concepts."

The Vedere la Scienza Festial jury also noted: 'The documentary recounts the evolution of the stem cells studies in a clear and precise fashion, with an interesting description of the relationship between researchers, physicians and patients. The current clinical applications and their ethical implications are openly and honestly discussed.'

The 70-minute documentary charts the history and scientific evolution of stem cell research – from the earliest experiments that first revealed stem cells in the body, to leading current scientific and clinical developments.

Stem Cell Revolutions is a creative collaboration between scientists and filmmakers - It features eminent international scientists in stem cell research including Nobel Laureate Sir Martin Evans and Sir Ian Wilmut, creator of Dolly the sheep, and acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood.

A preview of the film can be watched on the documentary's website and on, CRM's main outreach dissemination channel. This site acts as a European hub and provides reliable, independent information and road-tested educational resources on stem cells. The EuroStemCell project, funded by the European Commission, is co-ordinated by CRM Professor Clare Blackburn.