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MSc industrial placements

Creating positive engagement with industry

Student placement 

Our MSc programme is geared to meet the needs of the developing commercial sector in Regenerative Medicine, providing a cadre of suitably trained individuals to play a role in allowing the industry to expand.  Giving the students real world experience of the industry is invaluable for them, and offers employers a chance to evaluate a potential new employee.  We are very keen to involve more companies in this process both to encourage them to seize the opportunity to gain a skilled and enthusiastic new recruit, and to help us better understand, and thus help provide solutions for, the challenges they face.  We are keen to expand the number of industrial partners with whom we interact and would welcome any interest from companies in this area.

GMP Facility

Benefits of commissioning a student project

  • Commission short research projects without any costs of a recruitment.
  • Test-drive future talent, with the minimum of risk.
  • Substantial outcomes, in the form of a written report and presentation of findings. 
  • Gain access to a compelling combination of specialist skills, expert knowledge and professional experience straight from the programme.

Types of project/Host

There are two main types of student placements:

  • Industrial Placements
  • Academic Placements

To submit a proposal, or to discuss your needs with the student projects team, please contact our Course Director or complete our project proposal form (download).


Deadline for project submissions: 31 March 2017
Date period of placement: May - July 2017


Lucas Collins

Lucas Collins

Lucas completed his Masters in 2016, and is now working as a Trainee GMP Cell Therapy Production Scientist at Roslin Cell Therapies Ltd.

I decided to embark upon the Regenerative Medicine MSc for two important reasons. Firstly, I wanted to be able to continue my study of stem cells in a regenerative context, which I had started in my Bachelor’s degree, looking at the regenerative capabilities of bone marrow stem cells in the treatment of osteoporosis and the modelling of sarcoma. 

Secondly, what particularly attracted me to this course was the opportunity to work on an industrial placement for 3 months. What I realised after graduating from my Bachelor’s and applying for jobs was that I desperately needed some industrial experience. 

The course features a wide range of topics within regenerative medicine. Paul Travers delivers a course that is both creative and intellectually stimulating. I had never previously written a business plan for a cell therapy company, or got the chance to pitch my ideas to industry leaders, but these were both exciting parts of the course. Because of Paul’s extensive range of contacts, both in academia and in industry, you get the opportunity to critically discuss exciting new developments in the field with the people behind them. 

As a result of my industrial placement at Roslin Cell Therapies Ltd., I was able to expand my knowledge and practical skills relating to the delivery of stem cells to the clinic. The people at RCT were incredibly welcoming and supportive and it is because of this placement that I am now working with them as a GMP Cell Therapy Production Scientist.