Origins of Tissue Stem Cells

Date & time: 
28 Jun 2012 - 9:00am - 29 Jun 2012 - 5:00pm

CRM researchers Prof Clare Blackburn and Dr Val Wilson are co-organising this two day meeting, sponsored by Abcam.

Determining the origin of tissue stem/progenitor cells is key to our understanding of developmental biology. This meeting will focus on how and when self-renewing tissue stem cells arise during embryonic development. We will discuss common features between different stem cell lineages, and examine how modelling can inform in vivo studies. Join us in Edinburgh to learn more, exchange ideas and accelerate discoveries with leading scientists in this field.


  • Gut and associated organs: when, where and how do stem cells arise?
  • Specifying the hematopoetic lineage
  • Stem cell development
  • Specifying the neural lineag
  • PGCs

Keynote speakers

Invited speakers

Venue: Quincentenary Building, Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh
Program: preliminary program & timing to be confirmed
Capacity: max 150, register early to avoid dissapointment

Please visit the Abcam website for registration and further details.