The University of Edinburgh has a strong history in stem cell research, dating back to the first stem cell publications in the early 1990s by researchers at the Centre for Genome Research. In 1996 Prof Austin Smith was appointed as Director of this centre and under his leadership it became the first Institute of Stem Cell Research (ISCR) in the UK.

Over the years ISCR developed into a world leading centre for multidisciplinary research in basic stem cell biology, dedicated to developing an understanding of the mechanisms underlying stem cell self-renewal and differentiation processes.

In 2008, ISCR scientists at the University's School of Biological Sciences joined efforts with their colleagues at the College for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine to form the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, a unique cross-college initiative aimed at studying stem cells, disease and tissue repair to advance human health.

Prof Alexander Medvinsky, Professor of Ontogeny of Haematopoiesis and Associate Director at CRM is leading our basic stem cell biology research efforts.