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The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) is a research institute based at the University of Edinburgh. Scientists and clinicians study stem cells, disease and tissue repair to advance human health.

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Plasticell and CRM Logos

Collaboration to improve blood cell production

CRM scientists have joined forces with Plasticell to secure £920,000 Biomedical Catalyst funding from Innovate UK to improve the success of blood cell production.

New Collaboration to support Drug Discovery

New Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery

A new CRM collaboration hopes to encourage partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs to support tissue regeneration or repair. 

Blood Study

Blood study provides hope for stem cell therapy

CRM researchers have pinpointed a key enzyme vital for the production of all blood cells which could lead to improved stem cell therapy.   

Mouse Neuronal Stem Cells

New Cancer Research Tools

CRM scientists have been able to make precise genetic changes to mouse and human neuronal stem cells for the first time.