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The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) is a research institute based at the University of Edinburgh. Scientists and clinicians study stem cells, disease and tissue repair to advance human health.

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Mouse embryo showing expression of BLIMP1 (green) and OTX2 (red). Credit: Man Zhang

New insights into early development of reproductive cells

CRM scientists have identified a new role for the gene regulator Otx2 at a very early stage in development of primordial germ cells (PGCs), the cells that lead to all germ cells.

Spheres of stem cell-derived liver cells (orange) placed on the scaffold. Credit: H Rashidi 2018.

Stem cell liver implants show promise

New research suggests liver tissue grown from stem cells could one day replace the need for liver transplants.

Hepatocytes responding to injury (in green) by developing senescence

Liver failure could be eased by anti-cancer drug

Studies in mice have found a class of drugs under development as a cancer treatment can help prompt the liver to regenerate after injury.


Brain study paves way for dementia therapy

CRM scientists have uncovered a potential approach to treat one of the commonest causes of dementia and stroke in older people.